Top 10 ways to keep your car as good as new

Cars are one of life’s necessary evils. They’re so handy, but run the very high, very real risk of costing you a lot more money as soon as you drive it out of the shop and into the future. And that’s before you even consider keeping them clean!

That’s why we should do as much as we can to keep them safe, secure, clean and well-kept and serviced so they live long and useful lives, always at the ready. Here are a few simple tips to consider when using your car to keep it looking and feeling new enough to maximise your time with it.

Vacuuming car

10. Don’t eat in the car

Crumbs are the devil, attract pests and just make everything look more scummy than it really is. Avoid the drive-through.

9. Wax the car from time-to-time

Wax on the outside paintwork of the car keeps it protected from the elements and gives the chassis an overall nice, mirror shine. Treat your car once in a while.

8. Tap your shoes before jumping in

Shoes are the worst for the interior carpet of your car. They bring-in all the scum from the outside world into your automobile, so give them a light tap to remove all the excess before you jump in.

7. Keep the kids clear

As much as we all like the giggle of kids and the laughs and good memories they provide, they can be messy. Put them in a car and it gets worse! Hands marks on the windows and dirt on the seats and carpets. It’s sometimes best to just keep them out.

6. Be quick about it

Life is messy, regardless of who you are, so if you do find yourself in a spot of dirt and dust, or spill something you didn’t mean to, being quick about cleaning it up is the best move you can make.

5. Use the garage!

Got a garage? Use it! Share one with your housemate? Use it when they don’t! Keeping your car protect from the outdoor elements is the best thing you can do for your wheels. Cars age quicker when exposed to wind, rain, dirt, dust and running the risk of people causing them direct damage, so keeping them locked up is the best choice.

4. Get a bin

The inside of your car can be full of little nooks and crannies where rubbish can accumulate without you even realising it. Think about investing in a rubbish bin or bag for your car. If you’re an Uber driver, it goes without saying or if you’re the designated driver, it makes cleaning up after a hell of a lot easier.

3. Invest in an air-freshener

You know those scent-soaked pieces of cardboard, or the air diffusers that lock to your air vents? They’re perfect in disguising any nasty smells that might’ve accumulated from damp carpet or old rubbish and also just add a pleasant scent to the car generally. Give it a go.

2. Wash the car often

It’s tempting to not, but even running it through the automated car wash is as good an option as any. Ridding the outside of your ride of the dirt and gunk that sticks to it while driving through the bush and city means the paintwork runs less of a risk of scratching from all the built-up nasties and sharp specks or dirt, etc.

1. Keep cleaning products handy

The glove box was designed to store a driver’s driving gloves. Those days are long gone, unless you’re in the middle of winter, so chances are you can dedicate that storage space for something other than nothing. Pop a bottle of window cleaner, Armour All and a few microfibre cloths in there for a quick spot clean from time-to-time.

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