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If you haven’t heard of the explosive beauty brand 3INA (pronounced MEE-NA), then become acquainted ASAP. Since 3INA’s huge success at its first store in London, it is already taking on the world in countries such as Greece, Italy, India and Sweden. The beauty cult also graced us with their colourful presence in Melbourne last year at Melbourne Central and Southland, and plans for a new store in Watergardens.

Art Freedom crowd

What better way to promote its new ‘art freedom’ make-up range than a collaboration event with contemporary artist Marie-Sophie Lockhart. Lockhart, a French embroider and designer, got regrammed on Instagram by Drake and has done embroidery for Marc Jacobs and Stella McCartney (that’s right!). Therefore, it’s only natural for the two business brands to dedicate 3INA’s new collection to expressive beauty.

With Melburnians flooding into the event checking out the brand’s collection of 450 products and counting, it was hard not fall in love with everything. ‘Art Freedom’ hits the spot with its daring palette of metallic lips, reflective eyeshadows and mirror nail polish.

Art Freedom

Perhaps though, the most outstanding aspect of 3INA is the lack of a ‘famous face.’

In a bold yet brilliant move, the brand selects social media figures instead of celebrities to promote their products. The hashtag #3INAMAKERS inspires the trend on social media and instils the core value of the company.

“We’re not telling the customer how to look, because beauty is diverse and real,” says Allison Smith, general manager of 3INA Australia.

“Make-up is fun, and it’s about how it makes you feel.”

Billboard Girls

Cruelty free, densely pigmented (such a delight) and a huge selection of products from almost every formulation and colour imaginable, 3INA is almost like your mainstream Sephora or H&M Beauty. However, what really makes the line so popular is the new products launching every four weeks and the very, VERY affordable prices.

“The reason why we are so affordable is because all our products are made with plastic and glass, and we have no celebrity ambassadors – it’s what keeps us with plenty of integrity yet lots of fun,” says make-up artist at the event Trish Downes.

“Anyone can be comfortable here, regardless of gender of your make-up experience, it doesn’t matter.”


3INA in Algerian means “everyone” and in Japanese means “beautiful”, which Trish says are integral concepts of the brand.

“There’s that special point of difference that you don’t find in so many other make-up stores, in here you can be exactly who you want to be.”

Another point of difference is the synchronisation of product launches overseas, so Melbourne’s collection will always stay consistent with the latest trends.

With cool minimalistic packaging, on trend formulations and professional grade European-made cosmetics, 3INA is almost heaven sent to beauty lovers all over the world.

“I discovered this brand accidentally while in Southland, and everything was affordable which made 3INA life-changing,” says Anele Clautilda Mono, an attendee at the event.

“I feel millennials are very conscious of social justice movements, so this brand is great for many beauty-lovers of our generation because of their no animal testing stance.”

And with plans of rapidly expanding 300 new stores across the world in the next two years, 3INA ain’t slowing down. Get in, and get in fast with this bang-on brand. It won’t disappoint.

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