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4 lighting options you should consider to enhance your property in 2017

Consider giving your interior a makeover by redesigning the lighting layout throughout your property. Introducing different lighting colours, brightness and spectrum angles can really change the ambiance of your room. Here a few lighting design options that you should consider in 2017.

EVA LED light

If you want more flexibility with your lighting options without the heavy price tag, then you need to consider the EVA LED light from LEDified. You can change the colour and the brightness of the downlight with a click of a button. It’s easy to install , as it fits into any standard lighting cutout.

Since the light is powered by LED technology, the energy consumption and maintenance costs are very low. Homeowners that have installed these lights typically see their energy bills reduce by up to 50%. So the EVA isn’t just good for your interior design, it is also good for your wallet and for the environment.

Watch the video below to learn more about the EVA LED light.

You can click here to learn more about the EVA LED light.


Australia is known for its great sunshine all year round, but the CoeLux skylight takes it to a completely different level by providing the perfect natural light at anytime of day, despite the weather. If you planned to enjoy a weekend soaking up the sunshine, only for the weather to dampen your plans; you can opt to use your CoeLux light instead to get your dose of vitamin D and enjoy the lighting benefits that you would get with the perfect sunshine.

The video below shows CoeLux in action. Beware that the panel comes with a hefty price tag.



But for those homeowners who want that extra piece of extravagance in their home, the panel is a worthwhile investment.

You can learn more about CoeLux by visiting their website.

Philips Hue lighting

The LED light bulb from Philips is proving to be a hit with builders and interior designers. Joe Snell from channel 7’s ‘House Rules’ loves the light bulb so much that he even kitted out his house with them. The light bulb is controlled from a central control panel and the Hue app can be used to alter the colours in the room. This can be done with all of the lights in unison or they can be done manually.

You can see our review on the Philips Hue lighting here.

Solar tube.

Everybody has one space in their property where light just can’t seem to get in. The result is that the space gets unused and remains dormant. The quick fix is to place an artificial light in the space, such as a lamp or a luminaire. But we want you to go for the bolder option of a solar tube.

This option is great for the environment and will tap into the best lighting source available…sunlight. Direct the sunlight into dark spaces so that it is illuminated during daylight hours, without adding any additional expenses to your electricity bill.

Velux skylight.

Nothing beats natural sunlight. Install Velux skylights in your property to add an abundance of natural light into your property. Expect to reap more health and productivity benefits, while reducing energy costs that would be spent on artificial lighting.

Additionally, you can add curtains, shades or blinds to moderate the amount of sunlight that comes into the property. You can learn more about Velux windows by visiting the official website.

The options presented to you will make a significant impact in your property. Obviously, you will need to consider which options are in your budget. If you have the opportunity to use all of them, great! If not, at least invest in one of the LED options and one of the sunlight options to drastically change the ambiance of your property in 2017.

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