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5 feng shui style tips to revitalise your home

Feng Shui is a way of philosophy, which is orchestrated by harmonizing your surroundings with yourself. This might sound complicated, but it is quite straightforward once you understand some of the principles, which we will be outlining in this article. Principles such as letting light and fresh air into your house, strategic placement of mirrors to control energy flow, and important entrances or exits in your home and how best to care for them. You can also visit ihacorp.com.au to get some more ideas on how to Feng Shui your home.


Water is very important to the philosophy of Feng Shui, as it represents the career, life journey, and/or wealth of the occupant of the house. Ensuring a small water fountain is present in your house can help to increase the flow of wealth into your house, as long as your fountain is flowing toward the center of your house. For the same reason, making sure to keep your bathroom door closed at all times is important, because water flowing out of the home represents a loss of wealth, and bathrooms are rife with water flowing from the home. Keeping these areas closed off will mean the overall energy of the whole house will be less affected.

Front hall

The front door is important in Feng Shui ideology, as it represents the entry point to the house; the point through which all positive and negative energy flows. Many people avoid using their front door for favour of a door from the garage, or a side door near a car-port, but these mean you aren’t entering with the positive energy filling your home. Keeping your front hall well organised and tidy is important, as is trying to have some kind of broad-leaved plants by your front door to invite the positive Qi inside.


Keeping your house well ventilated in every room is crucial, as this keeps the rooms from stagnating and becoming places for negative energy to reside. Throw open your windows during the day to keep the fresh air circulating and replacing the old air. This is good for your physical and mental health as well, which makes it one of the easiest items on this list to regularly do with the most effect.


Sunlight is a kind of cleanser in Feng Shui, bathing your house in healing energies in the morning as the sun rises and revitalising your household. Keeping your house open to the sunlight in the cooler months is ideal, as it warms up your house for you and fills the rooms with positive and inspiring energy, although in summer when the sun is strongest the energy can be too much, which is when it is acceptable to block out the sun.


There are some aspects of Feng Shui that can’t be avoided, such as if your house has a winding path to the front door, or is positioned on a knife-bend street. These are unfortunate incidents that can rarely be helped, but the negative energy from these things can be remedied by strategically placing mirrors facing toward the sources of negative energy. These mirrors reflect the negative energy and keep your house safe from them effectively, so look at picking up some mirrors in adverse situations.

Feng Shui is a wonderful philosophy, and great and simple way to organise your house to aid you the most in your endeavors in life. Simply follow the core principles and watch prosperity flourish.

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