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5 tips for boosting the profitability of your home

For many of us, our home will be our greatest asset. Creating the perception of an enviable, aspirational lifestyle can be achieved even in the most modest property.

According to Create Expectations, home staging specialists in Melbourne, staging your home for sale is no longer an option but a vital component of any successful sales campaign. Buyers, even at low end price points, are expecting display home presentation.

If you’re not sure what we mean by ‘staging’ visit a few display homes on the weekend and compare them to how you are presenting your home for sale. Convinced? Read on…

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The results of outstanding presentation, speak for themselves with sellers getting huge windfalls and every dollar spent on staging being returned many times over in the form of a peak sales price. In fact many agents claim that professional styling can recoup its cost fivefold!

With this in mind, the experts at Create Expectations have ‘furnished’ us with a few tips and tricks to add value to your home and maximise your selling price.

Start with a blank canvas

A buyer needs to be able to view your home without the distraction of your personal items. Cluttered benchtops and shelves, make spaces feel small and untidy. The aim is not to remove the personality from your home but instead, modify it into to a universally appealing one.

This means creating a blank but not bland canvas, which buyers can envisage feeling comfortable in.

Consider the following suggestions:

  • Non-specific artwork which picks out colours to create a designer look
  • Declutter – remove personal items, photos, signs of day to day living.
  • Furniture – over large furniture will make a room feel small. Minimise and match. Play it safe and keep all furniture and furnishings in the same style.
  • Repair all obviously broken or worn items. One loose door handle or drooping gate, can give buyers an impression that everything is falling to pieces.


Adding ambience through carefully positioned lamps, scented candles of rose or lavender, a burning log fire and soft music playing can be powerful triggers for buyers.

If you have pets, it may be advisable to ask an unbiased friend to walk through your home and do a ‘whiff test’. A doggy smell can be a strong deterrent to buyers and the everlasting scent of cat pee, can be a deal breaker.

Uniformity and flow

No matter how much you may love bright, zany colour schemes yourself, when selling, you need to appeal to the widest possible market. With that in mind, the wisest choice is muted colours in both paint and furnishings.

This colour blending can increase the ‘flow’ of rooms and make spaces feel larger. Pale greys matched with crisp whites are in vogue at the moment. Strong colours can be used to highlight features or to add ‘zing’ to an area.

Casual luxury

Buyers at all price points want luxury or the perception of it.

Small touches like throws and cushions can transform a bed or couch, giving it colour and energy whilst hiding its shortcomings.

If your current furniture isn’t up to the job, consider putting it into storage and hiring something more suitable. Better still, call in a staging company who can ‘furnish’ you with every item you need to present a picture of luxury and aspirational living.

Key rooms

Outdated or drab kitchens and bathroom date your home and WILL have a direct influence on your selling price. Unfortunately they are both big ticket items but can be dramatically improved through:

Every room in every house is basically just a rectangle. What you do within that rectangle can be the difference between a quick sale or a property languishing on the market for months.

The beauty of this is, you are in the driver’s seat. You have the tools at your disposal to transform your property into a sought after residence that will have buyers running for their cheque books.

Don’t miss this marvellous opportunity to turn your property into your neighbourhoods next successful sale.

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