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5 things to think about when it comes to watches

They often say a watch completes an outfit, so when it coms to choosing the right one, you need to consider a few bits. The watch masters at Kapten & Sonand their managing director, Chris Telley, have a few pointers to consider when it comes to getting that ‘cherry on top’ of your next outfit that are simple, but chances are, you never thought of before.

Kapten Son watch THE F

What’s the most important thing when considering buying a new watch? 

“It’s a tricky question,” says Chris. “I believe the most important aspect of buying a watch is that you feel comfortable when you are wearing it. The matrix of choosing a watch is insane, watches can be 3 to 5 ATM, have a next to no or amazing warranty, have precious metals or on the contrary cheap metals.”

“The other important factor is price. You need to again feel comfortable with the amount you are spending, if that’s based off the quality, how cool the brand is or just the look, it can sway your decision depending on the needs.”

Silver or gold? 

“Can I say both? I do know there is a trend in the watch game now is looking at yellow gold, as Rose Gold to me has another year of life before yellow takes over,” said Chris.

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Which type of strap is more preferable and why? 

“Stainless steel for me works best. It’s durable, elegant and you can swim with it!”

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Do you think mechanical watches still have a place in this technological era of smart watches?

“Of course. Smart watches play in the same realm as smart phones. Watches will never die, at the least they are an awesome fashion accessory.”

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How does Kapten & Son offer something different to a busy watch market?

“For our price point we have a superior product,” said Chris. “The biggest issue I have these days with the new players  in the watch industry is that they are selling lower quality watches. Next to no watch brands in the ‘light luxe’ market make their watches with stainless steel, they are always using cooper blends which over time (a short time) blemish and are thrown away. This is where Kapten & Son differ, as all of our watches are made with stainless steel.”

“We also don’t just offer watches. We have entered into the eyewear market which is already succeeding in Europe with Australia awaiting the upcoming summer, and for us at Kapten we just don’t want to be a watch company we want to by a lifestyle company, there huge changes planned for 2017, it’s going to be wild. You will just have to wait and see!”



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