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6 tips to ensure your home stays snug this winter

Winter is coming – and not just in Westeros, either. Across Australia, temperatures are dropping, the coffee shops are filling up, and people are retreating inside for a bit of warmth and security. While this season certainly has its downsides, it also means hot cocoa, winter markets, and snug nights at home on the sofa.

Before you can curl up warm though, you need a leak, draught and chill free house. This is easier than you think, because all it takes is a little bit of maintenance. Whether it’s re-caulking window frames or disconnecting the outdoor hose, it’s the little changes that will keep your toes toasty this winter.

Keep reading for some great tips and advice on how you can prepare your home for the chill this season.

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Don’t get locked in 

It’s common for people to get the blues in winter because they’re exposed to less sunlight and the Vitamin D needed to regulate mood. This is just one of the reasons why outdoor blinds are so valuable. These sturdy, weatherproof coverings can be used to create an enclosed space around your deck, patio, or favourite patch of garden. That way, you can keep enjoying sunlight and fresh air no matter how chilly or windy it is outside. Click here to check out some of the styles and designs available.

Reverse your fans 

It is worth checking your ceiling fans for a reverse switch because most do have them. If you flick it, the whole thing will operate counterclockwise and function as a rudimentary heater. Warm air naturally rises, so when it reaches the fan, it is directed around the room without the addition of any kind of cold breeze or chill. It is a simple and affordable way to distribute heat in larger rooms during the winter.

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Cut down tree branches 

It’s probably not your favourite job, but it is a good idea to trim garden trees back just before the cold weather sets in. As locals know all too well (and tourists are endlessly surprised by), parts of Australia do see snow in the winter and it can pile pressure on overhanging branches. Heavy rains and howling winds create the perfect storm and it isn’t uncommon for heavy branches to fall directly onto roofs and cause damage. So, cut them back yourself and bring in a gardening service to help.

Prepare the fireplace 

Most people don’t rely solely on a fireplace to heat their home because it is highly inefficient. They are still very popular for aesthetic reasons though and there’s nothing quite like settling down in front of a roaring fire on a cold night. You’ve got to get it winter ready first, however. Use a flashlight to check the flue for bird nests, big cracks, and creosote accumulations. Also, inspect the outside for fissures in the mortar before you get it roaring for the evening.

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Keep the pipes warm 

One way to protect the health of exposed pipes and prevent leaks is by adding insulation sleeves. They usually come in the form of flexible rubber or foam tubes. All you have to do is wrap the tube around the pipe and seal it at the top. The benefit of this is that it traps heat inside vulnerable pipes (in the basement, attic, crawlspace, or garden) and ensures that they don’t freeze up. Frozen pipes lead to burst pipes, so this really is something you to avoid.

Why a little winter care goes a long way 

You don’t have to spend a lot of time or money on protecting your home from winter weather. With just a few small changes, you can boost its strength, resilience, and versatility. With outdoor blinds, you’re not just adding winter fortifications, you’re actually expanding the function of the house. Why sit indoors on those crisp, beautiful winter mornings when you could enjoy them with a cup of coffee and your favourite newspaper?

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