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Andrew Pap’s top 5 tips for running in winter

Running is great for your cardiovascular health and general fitness, but it can be a tough slog sometimes; what with motivation, energy, the simple ‘can I be arsed?’-factor, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

With all the advances in wearable tech lately, like the Jaybird Freedom Wireless Buds and Fitbits the motivation to take some mind-clearing ‘you’ time and pound pavement is getting easier and easier, but winter can make it tough, too.

Andrew Pap is a personal trainer and self-proclaimed ‘insane’ fitness guru who’s got some tips on how to keep your running going through the cold, bed-enticing wintry months when you’d much rather binge eat and sleep than go outside…

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Andrew’s top five tips for staying motivated when running in winter:

1. My top five tips for staying motivated when running in winter is to run with a friend and keep each other accountable. You stay motivated and you’ll have someone to talk to.

2. You could use wearable technology like a watch or phone and, even with your headphones like the new Jaybird X3 Wireless Headphones, you can get data feedback like how fast or far you’re running so you can monitor progression.

3. I would encourage everyone to run in the morning. You can get that fast cardio in and it preps you for your day. I usually have everything prepared the night before. There’s nothing worse than hearing your alarm go off and you’ve not nothing prepared; it’s easier to hit the snooze button.

4. Find a good pair of running shoes. There’s nothing worse than running in brick shoes that don’t support your running style or support the terrain you’re running in. Good shoes allow you to have longevity in your running and for you to not get injured as well.

5. My last tip would be to train with a PT or a coach in a gym and understand what you need to do to prepare yourself for running. Have a goal in mind. Sometimes people sitting behind a desk or in a car all day don’t realise how much strain it is putting on their body when they start to run and your body is in a pretty bad way. So, fix those imbalances and asymmetries and that way you won’t get injured. It’s all about injury prevention when you start to pick up running.

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