5 mistakes men make when shaving

With recent Gillette research showing less than half of men claim to be extremely satisfied with their personal grooming situation, it’s no surprise that shaving issues like razor burn, rashes or cuts are the top cause of stress for a further one in three when it comes to their personal appearance. This could be due […]

Easily get summer body ready using CoolSculpting

The day has come where you can master never fearing another mirror again! How? By freezing your fat right off your body, of course. Well, it’s not quite that dramatic, but by using a revolutionary technique known as ‘CoolSculpting‘, it’s possible. The results speak for themselves. It sounds intense and for those with a low pain […]

Sephora Has A Secret Lqd Weapon You Wouldn’t Expect

Lqd men’s skincare is now available in Bloomingdale’s, Sephora and David Jones!

Kent & Lime Means You Have Your Own Personal Stylist On Call

Kent & Lime might be a little known name when it comes to men’s style and fashion, but it’s one that will revolutionise your life. From first-hand experience they’re about three things: efficiency, style and skill. And they aren’t afraid to flaunt them all together to change what ‘going shopping’ means forevermore. They make shopping […]

Different Style Extensions for Your Lashes

Many women are always on the lookout for new ways to improve and enhance their overall look. Whether it is through getting in on the latest fashion trends in clothes, shoes and jewelry, trying a new diet or exercise program, seeking out a new surgical option or some other method a number of women always […]

The Only Sydney Men’s Grooming Salon You Need To Know: Emporium Barber

The guys from Brisbane who brought the sunny city their first instalment of Emporium Barber have taken it south to Bondi Beach in Sydney where men’s grooming is paramount. And who’s not glad they did? They offer something new with a particularly chill vibe that kind of makes you want to keep going back. The people […]

How The Tangle Teaser For Men Will Change The Way You Do Your Hair

For long hair, it’s a life saver, for short hair, it’s a refreshingly tingly scalp massage; either way you look at it, the Tangle Teezer for men is the tool a guy can’t live without. Being able to groom, style and maintain your hair or beard anytime, anywhere – without borrowing your girlfriend or wife’s brush […]

The Best Ways To Get The Most From Your Beauty Sleep

There’s basically nothing better in life than sleep, right? So given we spend so much of our lives doing that one thing alone, it’s vital we maximise it by enhancing it in as many ways as we can. By that of course, looking after our skin comes to mind! With over on average six hours […]

How Bellobox For Men Makes Your Life A Lot Easier

Bellobox – the male counterpart of the renowned Bellabox for girls – is a men’s skincare and grooming care package that arrives periodically to make life that much easier. What an idea! It was born of the push for men to take better care of themselves and their skin, eliminating the need for us to hit […]

Get A Facial In Sydney At Face Of Man

Face of Man Sydney is the city’s oldest and most professionally, masculinely presented den for men’s grooming treatments. Around since 1978, they know a thing or two about men’s skincare, grooming, beauty treatments and clinical examinations that work so many wonders on every part of you, it’s hard to know which option to choose. They’ve […]

All About Kérastase Densifique Homme

This new collection by Kérastase is all about increasing the density of hair. And it does it well. Kerastase Paris has reformulated its renowned hair density collection called ‘Densifique’ to combat hair thinning experienced by men. And thank god for that. It is backed by L’Oreal Advanced Research and comes as part of a three-month programme that have […]

New Men’s Grooming Brand, Rehab London Is One To Try

Rehab London is a new men’s grooming label to the Australian market and it’s pretty amazing. The range was developed over in the UK by celebrity hair and makeup artist Lisa Hilton. She was prompted to launch the range after constantly being asked by her male clients what products they should be using to see […]