2016 Beard Trends You Have To Try (If You Can!)

The beard has been used as a symbol for masculinity for centuries and following the beard revival of the last decade, men are in no hurry to return to their clean-shaven ways. With Braun and Kris Jones, barber at The Barber Shop at Sydney’s QT Hotel, we’re looking at identifying the top five beard styles for autumn-winter […]

Men’s Skincare Done Right With Indeed Labs

Man in mirror

Indeed Labs was made to specifically target different skin issues. Much like any good skincare brand should, but it’s with Indeed that each product has a specific purpose, and delivers results every time, packaged in an accessible non-discriminatory way with proven affects that really make you want to sit up and pay attention. With the change […]

Grooming With The Aromatherapy Co. For Men

The Aromatherapy Co. has released a new range for men!

Why The Braun Series 3 Is A Sterling Piece Of Grooming Machinery

Braun has recently introduced the Braun Series 3 to the market and men’s bathrooming habits are about to hit overdrive. Now with the new and improved Braun Series 3, dudes across Australia can master their daily routine with agility and speed. It has been built with a newly-designed and innovative cutting system to significantly reduce […]

Pitt Street Dental Centre Teeth Whitening Services Are Second-To-None

If ever there was a city for teeth whitening to be the done-thing, it’s Sydney. Lips, hips and teeth are what keep a great many people going these days (both men and women!). So when it’s so desirable to have a smile as pristine as a super model, there’s no surprise that dental clinics like […]

Teeth Whitening In Sydney At Pure Smile Is So Easy

Teeth whitening is a big deal. For those with a shocker of a mouth of teeth to those who were genetically blessed; everyone likes a pearly white smile that makes friends and family want to smile back, while the date across the table goes weak at the knees. Here’s how to get it… Visit Pure […]

GIVEAWAY: Alpha Keri Skincare!

The beach season isn’t over just yet, and to keep those summery vibes we’re all spending as much time at the beach or at the park as possible. To help, Alpha Keri is giving away gorgeous ‘Skin to Show Off’ packs, filled with super-hydrating skin care to make skin look and feel amazing for the rest of summer […]

Dr. Sara Kotai’s Tips & Tricks To Hair Loss: The Long And Short Of It

Male baldness explained by Dr. Sara Kotai from Man Cave Sydney

Dr. Sara Kotai from Man Cave Sydney explains why men go bald and how they can manage it!

When Sun Bum Comes To Town And Changes Sun Protection Forever

They smell delicious, they look trendy as hell and their brand mascot is a giant ape. What more do you need to love something like Sun Bum? An Australian born skincare and sun protection brand, it as created in 2010 for the Australian market to protect the skin of Aussies. It’s a high quality lifestyle brand […]

Man Cave Sydney’s Dr. Sara Kotai Joins THE F As Grooming Expert

Dr. Sara Kotai from Man Cave Sydney has joined THE F as our resident men’s expert grooming writer.

The Cut Throat Club Makes Wet Shaving Easy

The Cut Throat Club is all about the delicate art of wet shaving as Russ Egan explains.

Why Miss Vitality Is The Cure For Ageing Skin

When you live in Melbourne and constantly suffer from the four-seasons-in-one-day syndrome, our bodies can only take so much damage before they just give up. Cue in premature aging, toxic damage, and free radical exposure and you’re in for a one long battle with life. Bring in Miss Vitality, the new best friend for every […]