The One Reason Brisbane Is Better Than Sydney

If the new West Village Brisbane development has anything to do with it…

Dyson Is Cleaning Up Its Act One Bladeless Fan At A Time

Dyson are THE people to go to when you want quality tech for the home, office or any space that revolutionises the way you live at every point. They pioneered the blameless fan, changed lives with bagless and self-righting vacuuming and have kept the magic going lately with cordless vacuuming technology. However, it’s their latest […]

See Inside The Block 2016!

The Block is still charging ahead as being one of the country’s most popular TV shows and the drama? No one can get enough! But it’s what lies inside the homes that is the real kicker of watching the show, most of which when combined in the final reveal sell for millions of dollars to […]

In The Market For A Rug? Designer Rugs Has You Covered

There’s nothing more drab than an interior that is lacking; nothing more unwelcoming than the icy cold recess of a space that is without its floor covering and nothing that looks more naked than an un-rugged floor. That’s where these guys, Designer Rugs (original name, yes) come in, servicing your every need with their pleasingly […]

How To Properly Light Any Room

How to light a room

The right lighting can make or break a room. Here’s how to get it right…

What To Know About Melbourne’s New Notel Hotel

It’s safe to say Melbourne has a strong reputation of pushing the boundaries when it comes to anything travel and lifestyle related. In addition to having an eclectic fashion and food scene, the city has also been voted the World’s Most Liveable City for the sixth time in a row this year. You’d think by […]

The Matt Blatt Suite At Pullman Hotel Hyde Park

With an emphasis on design, style and a quirky taste that’s only rivalled by a handful of other boutique hotels in Sydney, the Pullman Hotel on Hyde Park in Sydney has taken the next step and done something unique. In a unique collaboration, the Pullman Sydney Hyde Park has partnered with Matt Blatt, one of […]

Fat Shack’s New Soft Filament Light Bulbs

The first soft LED filament light bulb has finally reached Australia, straight into Fat Shack Vintage‘s Melbourne warehouse. This new innovation offers less carbon footprint, better longevity and intelligently constructed design that interior designers and homemakers will surely love. Three brilliant variants make up their new LED Filament collection. Each as energy efficient as the other, […]

The New Generation Of Google Chromecast Makes Living Tech Easier

The new generation of Google Chromecast is out of control. It comes in two: Chromecast and Chromecast Audio, both of which control separate things and both of which ae super easy to use. The Chromecast has a fresh design and is easier to plug into TVs with crowded HDMI ports. It supports the latest wifi […]

The Best Reed Diffuser By TÄNDA Modern

The Tanda Modern reed diffuser is the nicest fragrance to date!

The Many Ways Jake Dyson Is Making Lighting Incredible With The CSYS Task Light

Dyson is a name you know for the vacuum cleaners. It changes on reputation depending on where you are around the world, but regardless of what comes to mind when the family name-come-global business mammoth comes to mind, you think one thing: quality. RELATED: The ONE Dyson airblade fan you NEED this winter… Dyson’s latest […]

3 Ways Philips Hue 2.0 Lighting Is Revolutionising Life As We Know It

There was a guy* once who said “let there be light.” And there was light. And it was good. But not as good as what the luminous legends at Philips have done by simply taking what was once created – the humble light bulb – and turning it on its head; overhauling it; revolutionising it; […]