Dyson Is Cleaning Up Its Act One Bladeless Fan At A Time

Dyson are THE people to go to when you want quality tech for the home, office or any space that revolutionises the way you live at every point. They pioneered the blameless fan, changed lives with bagless and self-righting vacuuming and have kept the magic going lately with cordless vacuuming technology. However, it’s their latest […]

Jaybird Wireless Speakers Will Change The Way You Exercise

What’s exercise without music? BORING! That’s what. And that’s also why Jaybird and their new Freedom Wireless Buds are the latest and greatest addition to the world of activewear you can’t do without. Forget Lulu Lemon and all that spandex and go for the tech that genuinely changes the way you exercise, by working with your […]

Jaybird Freedom Wireless Earphones Are The Newest Fitness Accessory You Need

Logitech has brought the activewear brand from Salt Lake City, Utah in America to Australia with their debut piece, the Jaybird wireless earphones. And it’s exciting! Since 2006, the American brand has fought tooth and nail to be the ones to know when it comes to active lifestyle consumer electronics, purposed to help people improve their […]

Smart Wallet Ideas That Could Become Really Big In the Nearest Future

Contrary to what the tech heads want you to believe, the physical wallet is still very much alive. People still need them to hold cash and cards. However, there are very good signs that it could only be a matter of time before the wallet, as we know it, changes for good. There have been […]

The Thinnest Laptop By HP, The Spectre

HP just keeps reinventing and if their latest creation is anything to go by, they’re certainly mastered what it is they do. Launching to Australia recently, HP unveiled its latest technological innovation, the Spectre laptop computer. Understood to be the world’s thinnest laptop (yep, even thinner than Macbook Air), this computer starts at just over $1100, […]

How To Get A Free Fitbit Blaze From Citi And It’s Goals

There is only one surefire way to get yourself a free Fitbit Blaze – the latest and greatest instalment by the Fitbit brand – that tracks not only your fitness, but life in general. You’d have to talk to Citi… This is the new Fitbit Blaze activity tracker – their greatest one so far! Citi […]

The New Huawei P9 Phone Has Launched!

Huawei is possibly one of the biggest brands you’ve never heard of. While it dominates a huge market share in the smart phone industry around Asia, the brand is still relatively unknown in Australia. This looks set to change with the release of their latest flagship P9. MORE: When Huawei Australia few us to Singapore […]

Bang & Olufsen’s New Sensory Store in Melbourne

Bang & Olufsen opened a new sensory store in Melbourne in what is a massive celebration of movement, signature acoustics and minimalist design. It’s typically flawless and Bang & Olufsen. It’s on Russell St. and is the fourth largest of its kind globally, bringing a next-generation for the brand to the world, showcasing the whole […]

Huawei Mate 8 Handset Sets A New Benchmark In Mobile Battery Use

The Mate 8 strikes the perfect balance, combining fast performance and long lasting, 2 day battery life.