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COMA Gallery “Screen of Flesh” exhibition

At Rushcutter Bay’s own boutique gallery COMA, the months of May and June will boast a series of works revolving around the interpretation of the human form and condition in the exhibit “A Screen of Flesh”.

Curated by gallery owner Soti Sotirou, each work compliments one another in its mutual ability to amplify qualities of the human body, both physical and psychological.

Featuring works from international artists Athena Papdopoulous, Nicholas Cheveldave, Tschabalala Self and Sydney’s own Will Cooke, the industrial, gentrified gallery space is littered with a slew of works, visually intoxicating as they are enticingly interactive.

Screen of flesh artwork

Each work in the gallery boasts its own personal flair, demanding attention in a way relative to the personality it manifests. Papadopoulos projects an image of indulgence and decadence, encapsulated in rebellious semiotics, with the synthesised use of everyday materials like magazine clippings, red wine, hair dye and nail polish. While Papadopoulos’ textured compositions attack the tame, appropriated nature of commercialised subversive culture, Cheveldave combines traditional processes of photography, painting and sculpture to express the construction of the contemporary identity in modern ‘high speed’ forms.

Papadopoulos and Cheveldave’s works command attention, with large canvas works partitioning off vectors in the gallery or saturating the white walls with complex colours, yet Will Cooke’s minimalist spray painted exploration of memory procures a distinct subtlety that deafens the viewer with poignant, understated perceptions of the human thought process.

The real highlight of the exhibition centres around Tschabalala Self’s painting, exploring constructs of the black female body. Embedded with a passionate glimpse at racial and gender identity, Self depicts a “body which is both exalted and abject”.

The exhibit also continues up the road at Dominik Mersch Gallery, with a collaboration between the two venues for an extended, physical journey. Whether you needed motivation or not to move about, a winter walk littered with art and culture until the 26th of June is difficult to pass up.

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