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Winter’s chill has nothing on Cryo

It’s winter and baby, it’s cold outside! But it’s even colder at Cryo…

Cryotherapy is just like your traditional post-workout ice bath or cold shower – only this time, you’re blasted with nitrogen mist, at temperatures as low as -130 degrees for up to three minutes. Welcome to the future of body treatments.

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The icy temperatures stimulate blood flow, get your metabolism going, reduce inflammation and promote weight loss. Your extremities are protected by cosy gloves and fuzzy slippers, but other than that, you’re ice cold in your undies. Once you step out of the cryochamber (which honestly looks like a futuristic spaceship from a sci-fi film), the super oxygenated red blood cells rush around your body to warm you back up and boost those feel-good endorphins.

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And yet, it is surprisingly nowhere near as painful as you’d anticipate. Rather than stepping out of the chamber, shivering and turning blue, you’re left feeling refreshed and invigorated. You move about within the cyrosauna and after that initial shock of experiencing what it’d be like to skinny dip in the Antarctic, those three minutes are over before you even realise.

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Maybe growing up hitting the slopes at Thredbo or forgetting my jacket one too many times on a wintry night out helped better prepare me for the extremely low temperatures. But when you think about the fact that the lowest ever recorded temperature on Earth was around the -90 degrees Celsius mark, then it’s still pretty darn cold.

And the results? Straight after, you can expect to feel lighter and brighter. I felt so energised that I even skipped my usual morning coffee (and that’s saying something!). If the immediate benefits aren’t rewarding enough, I can safely say it was the best sleep I’ve had in months.

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Athletes and regular folks all swear by it, so there must be some method to this chilly madness. Runners and regular gym-goers will notice faster muscle recovery after a dip in this frosty machine and cryotherapy has been particularly beneficial for treating skin conditions, arthritis and joint pain.

Forget fancy cocktails or gelato engulfed in liquid nitrogen – why not dip your whole body in freezing cold mist for some winter wellness?

Because what’s cooler than being cool? Ice cold.

Find Cryo at 226 New South Head Rd, Edgecliff NSW 2027.

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