Form follows function – How to develop your kitchen for style and usability

A beautiful kitchen is something we all daydream about – after all, the kitchen tends to be most utilised room in most households. Have you ever envied friends, family, or even celebrity chefs who seem to have the most picture-perfect kitchens that one could only fantasise about?

Well, we’re here to let you know that your dream kitchen isn’t really too far from your grasp. Aesthetics aside, a kitchen should not just look amazing but should also be fully functional, organised and set up in such a way that everything runs smoothly when you are cooking up a storm. Here are a few ways in which you can develop your kitchen for style and usability.

  1. Modern wall storage

One of the perks of today’s modern kitchen design is that everything steers towards minimalism. Gone are the days where kitchens are cluttered, and welcome to a world where less is indeed more. Instead of having dozens of confusing shelves all around the kitchen, today’s modern approach looks towards vertical wall storage.

Using magnets (such as a magnetic knife rack), hooks and rods ensure that everything stays organised without looking unsightly. Vertical wall storage helps you keep your kitchen utensils stores neatly within a contained amount of space that you may have otherwise left unused. This kind of storage is great for kitchens of any size, and layout options are a plenty.

  1. It’s time for a U-turn

 Most of us have a regular kitchen island set up in the middle of our space.

Whilst normal kitchen islands are fantastic, did you know that investing in a U-Shaped Island can reap even more benefits for you and your family? A U-shaped kitchen island that includes a durable and quality countertop as well as modular cabinetry will keep you in the middle of all the fun and action that happens in the kitchen, whilst also giving everyone else in your family a place to do their own thing, whether that be homework or simply having a chat over some snacks.

  1. Get rid of those flames!

If you are tight for space and do not require state of the art gourmet appliances, consider installing a totally flat glass ceramic cooktop or induction stovetop during your kitchen renovation. The elegant and sleek profile of an induction cooktop works in both contemporary and traditional kitchens, and gives you the benefit of flameless cooking – something that is great for families with small children. Say goodbye to burning your fingers.

  1. Light up your life

Ever struggle to find your snack of choice in the dark when the midnight munchies hit?

Well, there is no need to go about waking the whole house up by turning on the lights – plug in lighting strips with motion sensors are here to save the day. Installing these lights will make it a piece of cake when you’re reaching into that drawer for, well, a piece of cake. A well organised and thought out kitchen involves a few simple extra touches such as this.

  1. Keep things spicy

Ever pull your hair out because you are looking for Oregano but all you can find is Parsley, Basil or Mixed Herbs? Well, there is a simple solution to organising your spices that comes in the form of spice inserts that you can place into your drawers. A simple addition as such can save you money and time from going to the shops to re-buy something you already have. Gone are the days of 3 bottles of dried mixed herbs in the drawer! 

  1. Hidden but not forgotten

Clear off your messy countertops and maximise all the corner cabinet space that you have by installing a multiple tiered carousel. Intelligent storage solutions such as a carousel ensures that you are able to store both your everyday-used as well as rarely used items hidden away, but still within easy reach.


With these handy tips on how you can develop your kitchen for both style and usability, we are sure that you will be one step closer to your dream kitchen in no time!

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