The Garden Apothecary is a green living herb lovers’s guide to life

What is smart, beautiful, green and going to save you from yourself when you’ve had one too many margaritas? The Garden Apothecary by Reece Carter, of course.

It is the first book by the self confessed “herb nerd” and it will become your source of salvation when that night out becomes the headache of morning present.

Reece Carter is the source of all things beautiful, healthy and nutritious and you can’t help but love him. He’s already had an illustrious career, modelling for the likes of Ellen (as in the real Ellen DeGeneres) and has always had a passion for the things organic, the things healthy and the things that really do work.

Reece Carter Garden Apothecary book 4

Of course, because some people are too much of the amazing, he decided he wasn’t satisfied being just gorgeous on the outside, so Reece wanted to pursue his passions for all things herbalicious and so he studied a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) and now slays at herbal medicine. Absolutely slays.

Seriously though, Google the gent and his book The Garden Apothecary right now, you will never feel so healthy in all your life, well, that is until you actually follow some of his herbal recipes for great skin, clearing a headache and the miracle hangover cure.

Reece Carter Garden Apothecary book 2

The Garden Apothecary is chock-a-block with herbal remedies for every single ailment you could imagine. We used to have these recipes in our families Reece says but over time as we’ve made mad dashes to the chemist and have lost these natural remedies and the safe benefits they bring. The Garden Apothecary is about bringing those green remedies back for you, for your family and especially your little ones. The book is about taking back how we approach curing our ailments, meeting ailments with solutions that will only seek to build your physiology up naturally and holistically.

Do your achy bones, winter cold and headache a favour and get ‘herb nerded’ with The Garden Apothecary.

Reece Carter Garden Apothecary book 1

Reece Carter Garden Apothecary book 3

Feature image: Reece Carter

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