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Keep your home safe from anywhere in the world with the Ring doorbell

Once upon a time, you used to leave your home with the door locked, lights on timers and windows locked as best they would. That was meant to deter the unscrupulous from breaking in and helping themselves to your personal bits.

Fast forward some 20 years and you’ve now got tools to bolster the locked front door and angled curtains to help deter people from doing things they shouldn’t when you’re overseas, at work, or just out of home for a short period.

Enter the Ring doorbell, the security guard for your home you won’t be able to do without.

Ring is a revolution in technology for the home. It almost serves the same function as a front door’s peep-hole, with a lot more bells-n-whistles (literally), encased in the stylish body of a 21st century piece of tech that means you can track the goings on at your front door from the comfort of your couch, desk or hotel room.

Attached to the front door pane and even hard wired to the home’s electricity supply if you prefer, the Ring doorbell is an easy-to-install first port-of-call for home security enthusiasts whose lives are immediately made easier with a live video feed of all front door activity to your smartphone. Isn’t technology great?

At the slightest sense of movement for 24 hours a day until you change your settings, the Ring monitors everything that goes on out the front, back or side of your home dependent on where you place it.

With a live alert to your phone, the Ring app allows you to access the device and see what it’s seeing. Complete with an intercom function, you’re able to communicate with the person at the front door, meaning you can accept deliveries or give the illusion you’re home even when you’re not.

When you take into account such statistics like the fact that 74 per cent of NSW residents say that their mail man leave packages at their door, with or without their okay, it makes sense to be able to communicate with them before then dump-and-run.

Further that with the fact another 30 per cent of NSW residents have had a package stolen from their home in the past 5 years, now having the ability to see the perpetrator and discourage them from using their sticky fingers at ground level is a welcome change for repeat victims.

With all footage uploaded onto a Ring-operated cloud service, maintainable month-by-month, and accessible only by the owners, all footage can even be recalled for any jogging of the memory or prosecution of baddies. It also makes for some great embarrassing footage at birthdays and family parties, too.

Check out more on how the Ring doorbell system works with the video below…

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