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You can now take art off the walls at the Gallery of NSW and it’s OK

If you grew up watching the Pink Panther and hoping that one day you could walk into one of the world’s most renowned art galleries and take some sensational works, then now is your time.

IKEA is on its third round of artwork capsule collections this year that take what is well and good about the inner workings of artists’ minds from around the world, puts them in print and sells them to its hundreds of thousands of customers for almost literally, a steal.

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The collection of 12 drawings in this year’s collection explores an array of motifs, designs and stories, working with independent artists to convey their work and take it to the masses.

The method behind it is in simple, as the country sales manager at IKEA Group Australia, Spencer Keeble explained, focusing on making quality artwork and drawings accessible for the masses of IKEA customers that much more possible.

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He admits, though, he knows nothing about art but likes it. Handy coming from a man who controls what IKEA Australia sells and how much for, it really speak volumes about the quality of the work in that it’s easy, accessible, desirable and works wonders for setting what IKEA offers apart from so many other interior and lifestyle retailers.

They’re throwing open the doors of the Gallery of NSW soon to the public, allowing you to go into the gallery, admire the work and select what you like to take home, right off the wall just like Pink Panther. Fantasy, complete.

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They all come in at $AUD15, so be sure to have a look.

See more at the IKEA Australia website.

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