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Superstar tenor Jonas Kaufmann returns to Sydney

Jonas Kaufmann is the hottest name in opera tenors around the world at the moment and he’s coming to Australia!

Kaufmann is hailed as the greatest tenor of our time and is here for Opera Australia, to perform in the title role in a concert presentation of Wagner’s Parsifal.

The multi-award-winning tenor, described by The Guardian as ‘the man with the golden voice and golden smile’ will take on the incredibly challenging lead role of Parsifal, performing three concerts in the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall.

“Parsifal is a remarkable work – it’s the music, it’s philosophically what the piece is saying – fundamentally the music takes you to another place. It’s unbelievably beautiful music. You sit there and genuinely feel that you are transported and it’s an amazing thing. Everyone should see and hear Parsifal at least once in their life. Everyone,” said the artistic director of Opera Australia, Lyndon Terracini.

In a story drawn from the Arthurian legends of holy relics, enchanted maidens and faithful knights, whose fate rests on the shoulders of a pure fool, Parsifal is one to see with Kaufmann at the helm.

“Wagner takes your hand and leads you into this mysterious world, and you stay there for hours but you don’t realise the time has gone by. Lean back, give in to the music, and something extraordinary can happen,” he said.

Parsifal is on at the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall from 9-14 August. 

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