Kit Neale Has Joined IKEA For Their New Collaboration, SPRIDD


Some institutions have so gripped our hearts, we don’t know how we lived and loved, stalked our future spouses, paid online for countless pairs of shoes and had a good nights rest without them. IKEA, having been plucked from Valhalla is one such indispensable institution.

Ikea, the great, giant, ‘oh my gosh, I am actually lost’ magnificent warehouse of Scandinavian treasure, has made for many a story-tale to see out its fantastical course. Forget Macca’s, Facebook, Paypal and Codral’s Cold & flu (although, really, thank you so much Codral), IKEA has given us such control of our lives and minimalist furniture, we were practically all changed into the hippest of the trendy, in the blink of an eye and a few expletives at poorly judged hammer hits.


So when IKEA teamed up with Kit Neale, the hottest hippest, most trendy of the trendy London fashion designer, great things happened. SPRIDD burst into reality, a collaboration that oozes from every vibrant and edgy design, with the life blood that keeps us sah trendy huhpsters, gasping for more; energetic, chaotic and young vibes.

The collab has seen IKEA and Neale draw from three music styles that you probably know well from your make shift rave cave you’ve got going there. Electronic & dub culture, with exhilaration bouncing off every deep, deep, deep drop, finds it way into the collection with a kaleidoscopic montage of patterns. You’ve loved it with your eyes, now it’s time to see the music.


So the early 90s hey, we were all there, well if you missed, be gone, you missed Destiny’s Child (yes before Queen Bey) R Kelly and The Fugees at their best. Fear not, never say the beat gon’ die, for the bubblegum dominated colour palette Neale delivers second, ushers in the best the early 90s hip hop culture. Ain’t no ‘scrub’ gonna get on this aesthetic (see TLC “no scrubs”, please for your own betterment).

And that which will never go away, the genre that has some hungering for more while the rest of us leg it for the bloomin’ hills, is that ol’ grunge metal bonanza. With a predominantly black and white aesthetic direction, the genre gets the nod it deserves in a medium we can all get behind.


This fun, quirky and youthful collection marks the start of a fresh summer, where we are young, we are free, its alright and darn well we’ll look good doing it with the collection of tents, bags, rugs, mugs, bowls and cushion covers that are about to be served up.

Road trip planned? Going to have breakfast in the next 4 months? Do yourself and your morning routine a favour, get thyself to IKEA and SPRIDD the love around.









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