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How to get red carpet-ready hair

Logies season is long since over, but that doesn’t mean the need for a quality do isn’t far away. The hair guy at Philips, Jules Tognini knows how to get the red carpet ready look and you should take heed.

Three tips to get your hair red carpet ready:

1. Get your hair cut a week before the event. By leaving a buffer of a week or even a few days, if the hair stylist makes any mistakes or you hate the cut, you have time to make corrections before the big event.

2. Wash your hair the day before. This gives your hair time to settle and makes it easier to style.

3. Use a combo of product in your hair to ensure a long lasting style – that will see you through till 3am. For instance, try using a prep product like a sea spray, then blow dry it in and seal it with a clay or putty.

Favourite looks from the Logies and tips for recreating them:

1. Rodger Corser 

One of my favourite looks at the Logies Awards this year was Rodger Corser – who rocked a short, sharp and textured look. To recreate the look, move the hair away from the side part and then slick back.

Tip: use a clay for a more moveable and matte finish.

2. Matt Preston

Matt rocked a sweet grey, but well maintained beard. For hair, he was rocking a longer more casual feel. To recreate the look, square up the shape of your beard to highlight your jaw bone. Try using a beard trimer, like the Philips Vaccum Beard Trimmer, to help you master the sharp and defined shape. Then, keep your hair loose using a sea spray, to create a more relaxed feel.

3. Costas Georgiadis

Long hair, long beard and no worries. To get the look, do as lil’ as possible. What a legend! What is on trend at the Logies Award this year? It’s hard to stand out as a guy in the sea of penguin suits. So you have to utilise both your hair and facial hair to do you proud. This year at the Logies Awards we saw a lot more relaxed, casual styles when it came to hair and beards.

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