There’s a new power couple you need to know: Logitech, not Kardashians

Sore wrists? Deadened finger tips? General irritation when typing things on a computer?

You’re not alone and now you can officially wave good bye to all that ails you when it comes to crap computing. This comes thanks in large part to Logitech’s latest and most user friendly power couple set of tech bits for your desktop; the MK850 Performance keyboard and mouse.

It’s all about updating your work time peripherals allowing you to research, create, communicate and create that legendary intellectual property we all consider our lifeblood for all to enjoy; with ease.

Without geeking out too hard, this duo is an all-encompassing set of friendly and well-formed co-communication that makes wireless working a dream. The cushioned palm rest of the full-featured keyboard provides full wrist support and the curved keyframe creates a more natural typing position, while the adjustable tilt legs enable multiple typing angles. The contoured design of the mouse fits comfortably in your palm, and the hyper-fast scroll wheel allows you to scroll through documents and web pages with ease.

The two bits in the MK850 Performance duo work seamlessly with the new Logitech DuoLink software that enables customised functions and navigation. You can now have a different set of actions and gestures for your mouse when you hold the Fn key down on the keyboard. Funky.

furthermore, in true Logitech style with their favourite ‘switch between’ tech that allows you to go from computer, to iPhone, to tablet at the touch of a preset button, these do it, too, in-keeping with Logitech’s awesome new approach to pain-free computing.

Check it all out here.

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