Macbeth Melbourne Theatre Company

What it’s like at the Melbourne Theatre Company’s production of ‘Macbeth’

The Melbourne Theatre Company has dared to modernise recent adaptations of Shakespeare, including Hamlet and Queen Lear, to great success.

This year’s production of Macbeth is no exception. Director Simon Phillip’s modern portrayal of Shakespeare’s 411-year-old tragedy demonstrates that play’s themes of politics and power are no less relevant today, albeit in different ways.

The story is enhanced by stunning visuals courtesy of set designer Shaun Gurton and costume designer Esther Marie Hayes. Graffiti and burnt-out cars combined with the discretely modern wealth of the powerful invoke a dystopian future with complex warfare and widespread state surveillance, adding to the original play’s bloody violence and paranoia.

Jai Courtney and Genevieve Hakewill are magnetic in the lead roles, demonstrating how the desire for power corrupts the mind and ultimately cements their demise. MTC’s Macbeth is a stunning piece of theatre not to miss this winter.

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