Test Driving The Mini Clubman

Be prepared for pleasant surprises with the new MINI Clubman. Gallantly entering the market with a refreshing updated identity, the MINI’s ‘cute little hatchbacks’ reputation has been shattered by setting itself new limits.

On a test drive to the relaxed beach town of Sorrento, Victoria from the dealer BMW Melbourne in South Melbourne– it was a chance to explore the car’s features on both city and country roads. Suiting the look of the car’s aura to a tee; nothing could be better than cruising down the highway to the beach on a warm summer’s afternoon.

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MINI Clubman Test Drive THE F, 1

First impressions of the Clubman are certainly starkly handsome, with the architecture of the hatch and of course the split-barn style tailgate giving it that classy touch. Picture sunny, easy Sunday’s down country roads with the rolling hills around you and the huge sun roof to give an even more airy effect.

Impressively, the car speeds up relatively fast and gives you that ‘go-kart’ feeling. The standard Clubman will go from 0-100km/h in 9.1 seconds while the next model up, the S, reduces that by two seconds.

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Speaking of the types, there are two simple choices – the standard Cooper Clubman model and the sporty S Clubman. Both models have a sophisticated interior that oozes refinement and taste. The star attraction being the renown circular tacho dial, which now includes an impressive 8.8 inch screen. Although a rather compact first impression, you suddenly realise that the interior is both comfortable and spacious. The boot is adequately large, making the Clubman perfect for those weekend getaways.


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Standard features include Dual-zone climate control air-con, radio with USB interface, aux-in socket, Bluetooth with audio streaming rain-sensing wipers, multifunction sports steering wheel, and a very cool keyless entry with a toggle-button start.

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The Clubman’s well thought-out practicality and charming interior make a delightful ride from Melbourne city to the sexy (and often sold-out) Limbo Up Close show in Sorrento. The award-winning and record breaking live show has got critics raving world wide. With an intriguing mix of circus, acrobatics and cabaret the show is truly addictive. Presented in a 1920’s inspired Spiegeltent, you can’t pull your eyes away for one second from the striking international cast. The show’s cast includes Coney Island’s sword swallower, Heather Holliday; French gravity-defying Chinese pole master, Mikael Bres; the exquisite French-Canadian aerialist, Evelyne Allard; Australia’s dancing sensation Hilton Denis; the amazing hand balancer Danik Abishev; and German mind-bending contortionist, Tigris. What you witness is often one of disbelief – the crazy contortions, dangerous stunts and breath-taking acrobatics. Immerse yourself into another world with the eclectic melodies, led by Elyas Khan with Mick Stuart and Eamon McNelis. The original, characteristic and often sporadic acoustics is, for some, the highlight of the show. Although for a show that Madonna has been to and is sold-out across major cities of the world, you wouldn’t expect less. Bravo.

And really…what could be better than ending the dusky evening by driving the gorgeous Clubman back to the city? A beautiful ride for an exciting night. Thank-you, MINI for the sweet ride.







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