Movenpick Mansour Eddahbi Hotel Marrakech entrance

All about the Movenpick Mansour Eddhabiu Hotel, Marrakech

Located just a few minutes away from the bustling Medina in the central L’Hivernage district area, in the heart of Marrakech, the Mövenpick Mansour Eddahbi Hotel is a 5-star oasis of calm.

Mövenpick Hotel Mansour Eddahbi Marrakech

Its fresh new design, a product of a 6-year renovation, revitalises the vision and achievements of Ahmed Al Mansour Eddahbi, Sultan of the Saadian dynasty, who propelled Marrakech to new cultural heights. This stylish oasis offers an ode to the wealth and beauty of these desert rarities by honouring the cultural heritage, decorative arts and magic of the fascinating country that is Morocco.

Movenpick Mansour Eddahbi Hotel Marrakech room

Upon passing the gated promenade, you can admire the interplay of light and shadow, where some 700 candles illuminate the way before arriving at the entrance of the resort. You can then take in the soothing bronze colours decorating the lobby and further explore the majestic halls surrounding the extravagant and brightly coloured heart of the resort. This backdrop is what houses the ultimate treasure of any oasis: its water source.

Movenpick Mansour Eddahbi Hotel Marrakech reflection pool

As a tribute, the lobby has been designed as a VIP lounge, where elite guests are warmly welcomed. Beneath a cupola embellished in contemporary chrome-plated moucharaby designs sits a copper chandelier adorned with 1,000 lights.

Movenpick Mansour Eddahbi Hotel Marrakech inside

The halls lead to the Medi Terra restaurant, which specialises in Mediterranean flavours and includes a tearoom and the Manso bar which is the owner’s favourite room. The bar features beautiful collections of weaponry, natural and historical curiosities.

Movenpick Mansour Eddahbi Hotel Marrakech foyer

Continuing along these halls decorated in white glazed stucco with natural wood trimming, is the grand hall and the Nozha – a nod to the pleasant stopover for palace camel drivers – where you can grab something to eat at any time of the day. This grand hall also has a direct access to the Marrakech Convention Centre (Palais des Congrès). These areas are punctuated with refinement, pristine whites and pops of colour. The fluctuation of light gradually changes throughout the day and totally transforms the atmosphere and ambiance of these areas.

Movenpick Mansour Eddahbi Hotel Marrakech restaurant

From the main building, you can uncover the lush gardens, which were completely redesigned by the landscape gardener Madison Cox, who owe the restoration of the Majorelle Gardens and Studio MHNA, to name but a few. The garden’s palm trees, citrus trees, olive trees and pepper plants offer an array of relaxing spaces where you can completely unwind. You can also cool off by the refreshing fountains and the resort’s four different pools.

Movenpick Mansour Eddahbi Hotel Marrakech foyer 2

The alleys of the garden lead to two different restaurants: SARAY, a quick stopover inspired by traditional Berber tents; and JAMRA, a bar & grill overlooking the lower pool and whose interior is dressed by the interplay of light and shadow and enlivened by a large swimming pool.

Movenpick Mansour Eddahbi Hotel Marrakech walkway

The spa, O DE ROSES, by Cinq Mondes, is tucked away behind citrus trees and jasmine plants and is a relaxing place to take a break. It is decorated in contrasting black and white and illuminated by shades of bronze, the emblematic colour of the hotel.

Lastly, at the end of a hall of lights is DAHBI, a restaurant specialising in Moroccan dishes with an extravagant décor boldly incorporating Moroccan tradition. It also has a rose garden that surrounds the secret violet-tinted glass marabout, which complements the glass partitions found inside.

The design of the rooms and suites was inspired by “caravanserais,” with soft muted colours that are punctuated with pops of bright colours. A mix of contemporary and traditional style is at play here too, which creates a calming ambiance that invites total relaxation. The apex of these suites is the 290- square-meter penthouse with a private terrace and pool.

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Movenpick Mansour Eddahbi Hotel Marrakech terrace

Images: Studio MHNA

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