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Nokia is back but not in a way you might think

If your fondest memory of your Nokia is the indestructible Nokia 3315, then pay attention, ‘cos your wonderful world of mobile phones is about to implode.

Nokia is back with its latest iterations of mobile handset and it’s life itself.

The Nokia 6, Nokia 5 and Nokia 3 have been announced in Australia, meaning that come late July 2017, you can officially ditch your malfunctioning piece of s^&% Apple iPhone for something that, if history is any indication, will be with you for as long as life itself.

They’re all rocking the Android technology, touting the latest pure Android experience for the phones, complete with monthly security updates to keep you safe. Couple that with the latest capabilities of Doze, which saves battery life while the phone is in a pocket or bag, the handsets feature the Google Assistant, which is like Siri, but not shit.

Each phone has its own bits of awesome that we’ve explained below:

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Nokia 6

This is the more expensive of the three, but still, comes-in at only $399, so hardly.

It combines craftsmanship with a snazzy design and spruiks some seriously sensational and immersive audio vibes combined with a HD screen. It comes with a smart audio amplifier with dual speakers, while Dolby Atmos sound delivers a powerfully moving entertainment experience.

It’s all about delivering on that quality picture without draining the battery flat so you enjoy that premium entertainment content. Comes in two colours, matte black and silver.

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Nokia 5

Mid-range pricing at $329, this device has great battery life and a quality screen. It works with an 8MP front-facing camera to make your selfies pop and an intelligent screen to work with the amount of natural light in your zone.

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Nokia 3

This little guy is only $249, but is designed to deliver an outstanding experience with unprecedented value. The Nokia 3 is durable, clear, has a screen that combats the best and has a polarised screen so you can use it any time in any light. With seamlessly integrated 8MP wide aperture cameras (front and back), the Nokia 3 packs a truly premium quality smartphone experience into its compact and elegant form.

There’s no word on whether these bad boys are as unbreakable as the classic 3315 – and will they have snake?! – but they’re damn near as nice.
Available late July 2017.
Nokia 6 5 3 mobile phone handset 5
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