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Opera Australia’s ‘Two Weddings, One Bride’ will change opera for you

The words ‘opera’ and ‘humour’ don’t often come together when replaying majestic tales of love lost and heartbreak from hundreds of years ago, until you seethe latest Two Weddings, One Bride by Opera Australia.

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As at last the Joan Sutherland Theatre in the Sydney Opera House undergoes its $200 million acoustic renovation, Opera Australia has been forced further afield, taking their productions around the city of Sydney and working within the confines of whatever each space allows. It’s a challenge in its own right, but it’s given way to a performance the likes of Two Weddings, One Bride that might otherwise never have happened. And that would be a shame.

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It’s an operetta of about 80 minutes in length that tells the comedically-fuelled, incredibly farfetched tale of Girofla and Girofle (Julie Lea Goodwin) who is forced into two marriages at the same time to two different men by her conniving parents. Watch the below trailer for a taste of what’s more…

It’s much like a closed door insight into the hugely dysfunctional family like of the Governor of Morocco, his wife and their staff. Throw-in some pirates, a hint of raunchy inimitability you don’t often see in operatic librettos, thanks to the crazed character of Italian General Modigliani (Andrew Jones) and a tonne of champagne – so much, in fact, they penned a piece to highlight its place in everyone’s hearts – and you have what is a fun little opera that’s home-produced and loveable.

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What is perhaps one of the most notable elements of the whole performance, aside from the delightful colour and ornate Mediterranean motif of the whole set (that doesn’t change or have much of a need to), is the music. With music director Andrew Greene (whose idea it was to bring this production to life) and violinist Yukhi Mayne detailing the moments of the plot alone, it’s a testament to the story in that two instruments alone (and skilled performers using them) can transpire even the most light hearted of stories.

Two Weddings One Bride Opera Australia Playhouse Andrew Greene Yukhi MayneTHE F

Two Weddings, One Bride is performing at Sydney Opera House’s ‘Playhouse’ until 22 October. Get your tickets here

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