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Meet GITA: the incredibly cool new way robots are doing life for you

They want to understand the new needs of young generations. And they’ve hit the nail right on the head with the advancement of what is the coolest development in drone technology and personal chaperoning: GITA (pron. j-eeta). 

You might have seen this video go viral on social media lately…

It’s easy to see why. A personal drone that can move, learn, turn, drive and carry all as well and as much as an actual human being, GITA by PFF from the Piaggio Group, is the latest development in technology that will not only make you stand out when walking down the street, but revolutionise what it means to lug your bits all around town while on foot.

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GITA is about granular mobility, which calls attention to the spaces we navigate as citizens in a way that is purposed to bring together how we all live, move and function as human beings.

They work off the notion that humans and droid must work together now and into the future, and GITA is a spectacular fusion of the two, leading the way in its field. So, with programming features like the drone’s capability of following you anywhere you go, fingerprint recognition for security of all your bits inside and the ability for it to learn and develop itself, it’s a stunningly intelligent piece of technology.

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It works as a land drone, a carbo bot and a sherpa, all the while being a smart device that learns and maps them as it goes through your day-to-day. And it’s plain freaking cool!

The GITA isn’t available for sale yet, but watch this space.

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