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Wanna try microdermabrasion? Well now you can do it at home

Take a good, long look at your face.

Scared of what you see? If you are, chances are others are, too, so you’d better start seriously considering investing in a tool like the Silk’n ReVit microdermabrasion tool for you to fix it all at home.

Silkn Revit

As the name suggests, the tool is ideal for saving you a trip to the dermatologist, working to resurface and polish-up your skin to give it a new lease on life, bringing out that inner shine and showing what your mug can manage.

Working to exfoliate with a solid scrubbing and scraping action across your face and a vacuuming suck through a replaceable filter, the Silk’n Revit is as reliable as any professionally administered treatment without the hassle.

It’s one of those self-done treatments that is pretty important because dead skin cells can pose a threat to keeping your skin healthy and glowing. Dead skin can clog pores which causes blemishes to arise, pimples to form and just generally massive pores to eat your face, so exfoliating every couple of days or once a week can reduce the build-up of dead and dry skin cells and unveil fresh, new skin underneath.

So to sort yourself out, the tool is a non-invasive dual action microdermabrasion system which combines gentle dermabrasion exfoliation and vacuum stimulation to improve skin tone, texture and elasticity for a glowing complexion.

The ReVit works by gently removing old dead cells from the skin’s surface and stimulating new skin cells to emerge for radiant, youthful skin. Unlike traditional microdermabrasion tools which uses crystal abrasion that can lead to inflammation of the skin, ReVit utilises gentle diamond abrasion, to polish away dull, dry or rough skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines, age spots and acne scars.

The ReVit comes with three different head attachments, each designed to treat specific areas and skin types: precision tip is suitable for small areas (including around the nose and eyes), fine tip is ideal for normal skin and coarse tip for a more intensive abrasion. Noticeable results of more youthful are immediate after the first week of use.


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