The safest and cleanest way for you to enter the Skintrade

Skintrade ain’t all that bad. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

And no, we’re not talking porn, but instead, a sensational new addition to the Australian skincare industry that takes the best bits of all the pre-existing brands out there, darkens it ever-so-slightly, strips it of all the rubbish that otherwise surrounds labels and substance lists and offers it up in an edgy, urban, contemporary and totally desirable way you’d be mad not to be enticed by.


Skintrade is a three-part unisex hand and body wash range (at the moment) that has captured the traditional and uplifting properties of aromatherapy in a modern range of products that make you feel good inside and out. Then, it makes them better.

It’s a simple concept and done effectively.

Coming in three batches, the Skintrade products have their own scents, personalities and voices that – if they were people – are actually really quite likeable.


Batch 1 (scent: cedarwood, rosemary and black pepper) is relaxed yet adventurous. It kicks off the weekend with a morning run and two eggs, sunny side up. Feeling energised, Batch 1 then joins a convoy of friends and heads out of town in search of places to explore. After a satisfying day amongst nature, Batch 1 falls into a blissful sleep, lulled by the sounds of the great outdoors and the spicy hints of a good shiraz.


Batch 1 comes to you alongside its buddy Batch 2 (scent: lemongrass, orange peel and lime), which is always energetic and can be hard to keep up with. It’s the Batch to start the day with a fresh juice and a handful of vitamins before it hits go-time. Batch O2 gets in a few laps at the local pool before pump class, then stops briefly to grab lunch – a protein-packed salad with another juice, naturally. With no time to spare, Batch O2 efficiently ticks off a list of errands before heading out for a night on the town.


Then, of course, there’s Batch 3. Not to be rushed, Batch 3 is at one with the world and prefers a more relaxed approach to the day’s plans. First stop, the local cafe? for a soy flat white and an acai bowl, enjoyed while leisurely perusing the weekend paper. After breakfast maybe some window shopping, then it’s off to the market for fresh veggies, followed by an evening yoga class and a nice early night.


In any case, the Skintrade Batches are unique, offer something new, fresh, modern, stylish, all the while smelling really quite phenomenal and making your bathroom look a lot better than you ever could if you tried.

Find out more at the Skintrade website. Like Skintrade on Instagram and Facebook.


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