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Chic ways Sonos is waking up the silent home

When was the last time you listened to music out loud at your place?

Turns out, if it was recently enough for you to remember, you’re probably in one of the lower percentiles of people (about 40%) who aren’t afraid to listen to music out out at home, overcoming what Sonos has dubbed ‘screen-induced isolation’. Yep, it’s officially a thing and it’s changed the way people interact with music and each other in the comfort of their own homes!

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We’re in the age of antisocial listening and have become headphone hostages with over 44% of people noticing that the bulk of their listening to music at home is done alone of via headphones, disconnecting us further in an already ostracised world. Sonos noticed something has to change!

The tech company noticed that somewhere between music fitting into our pockets, screens taking over and home audio getting either too complicated or sounding too crappy, we stopped listening to music out loud at home.

We have become so tethered to our screens, isolated by earbuds and the tap-tap of emails and social media are now the soundtrack to our evenings. This is what they call the ‘silent home’ and it just won’t do.

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They have spent over three years crafting their latest addition to the market: the Sonos PLAYBASE to combat this and it’s likely their sexiest product in their range of only 7 that will revolutionise what it means to listen to music at home, with family and friends, or aloud alone.

It’s got an absolute tonne of techie bits that set it apart from not only any other Sonos product, but many a great thing that exists out there in the market already.

Put it this way; they had to manufacture their own material to encase the working part of the PLAYBASE because anything else that existed already was simply not strong, rigid or durable enough while maintaining is lustre, style and sleek, silky touch to hold the weight of a television atop it. Impressive stuff.

Speaking of, the PLAYBASE can support the weight of televisions over 55″ comfortably, while still delivering a quality, what sounds like, 360-degree sound to fully immerse you in the music or program you’re watching.

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There’s no disconnect between the almost completely wireless connectability between PLAYBASE (it connects to power and your TV with only two cords) and your smartphone or music control hub, so streaming is never an issue, and they’ve decked it all out with some impressively chic bells n’ whistles. Think super fine micro holes for pure sound to escape that you simply can’t see. An easy touch start and control that doubles-up on the Sonos control app, customisable settings to allow the music from whatever you’re listening to, to completely immerse you as well as the fact it comes in two colours: black and white. In this way it’s kept simple and loks like a piece of deliberate art or seamless furniture for your pad.

At only $999, it can be pre-ordered and bought in the future online from 4 April 2017. See more here.

Sonos Playbase on TV

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Here’s some quality viewing on how they made it come to life, too…

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