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Just when you thought Sonos couldn’t get any better…

With the continuing evolution of the home theatre, those masterminds of sound at Sonos have now unleashed their newest product into the market and it is a game-changer.

It’s called the Playbase,and what it provides is the best of Sonos underneath your TV, delivering powerful home theatre sound when the TV is on, and music all the time when the TV is off.

Sonos Playbase on TV

As TVs get thinner and thinner, it’s harder to provide adequate speakers that do justice to the audio. We spend so much on televisions and ensuring that the picture we’re seeing is amazing but half the experience is sound and with the current emphasis on picture quality, it’s to the whole experience’s detriment.

The Playbase addresses this problem by allowing you to create your own Home Theatre Sound System with just one unit. If you also wanted to go all out, or if you already own any Sonos speakers, these can be linked up wirelessly to create a totally immersive surround sound system that will make you feel like you’re sitting in the middle of a battlefield on any episode of Game of Thrones.

Sonos Playbase speaker THE F 1

The design aspects of the Playbase are unparalleled. The construction comes together with no visible seams, resulting in incredible clean lines and allows the unit to just disappear into your home.

One of the most outstanding features about these speakers is that they will actually get better as they get older. You don’t need to worry about this particular technology being out of date as soon as you get one. All Sonos speakers are able to be upgraded through software downloads. Similar to what a smartphone does when it upgrades to a newer operating system. These speakers can actually be tuned to your TV/theatre room and then through the continual updates that Sonos provides will keep providing you with even better sound long after you’ve thrown out the box because it’s been worn out from making forts.

With the new addition to the brand’s product range of 7, they make the concept of waking up the silent home (a new quality of life, coined by them) that much more of a realistic and achievable phenomenon.

The Playbase launches globally on 4 April 2017 however it is available for pre-order now. What is so surprising for a product that delivers so much and has had an uncompromisingly phenomenal amount of work put into it, is it’s price. The Playbase retails for $999AUD, far less than you would spend on a home theatre system that was anywhere near as powerful as what this unit is.

So book yourself in for a demo of this puppy and remind yourself of just what you’ve been missing out on and the difference that immaculate sound can make to your home. The fine people at Sonos haven’t and they are serving up flawless audio realness straight into your living room. See more here.

Sonos Playbase speaker THE F 2


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