What makes the new UE Wonderboom so wonderful

UE Wonderboom

Life without sound isn’t a wonderful concept, so when the speakermasters the likes of Ultimate Ears bring out their latest instalment, you get excited. The new UE Wonderboom is, as the name suggests, every bit of wonderfully great as you’d expect, in the package of a tiny pill-like speaker that lasts 10 hours, is 100% […]

Christmas Giveaway: UE MEGABOOM!

Throwing a party? YOU NEED THIS! The biggest of the Ultimate Ears (UE) range, the MegaBoom packs an audible punch right to your earholes. At 22.5 centimetres tall and supercharged with a whopping 90 decibels of pure sound with a gargantuan 20 hours of battery life, this is the ultimate Christmas party piece, primed and […]

The UE BOOM: best thing for wireless music since wireless

For those who see music as life, not just a lifestyle, the UE Boom is your saving grace. Actually the coolest little addition to my collection of home decor-like life-enhancers, the Ultimate Ears (UE) Boom wireless speaker is a subtle to look at, but not subtle to listen to music device that packs as much of a […]