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Top 5 Affordable City Cars

Driving in the city is a tough slog, but one of the necessary evils in life.

Cars are handy, can take you away but can sure cost a bit from time-to-time. However the benefits far outweigh the cost and in fact, it turns out it’s the cost that can often hold people back from the unbridled enjoyment of riding around in four wheels rather than on two.

People’s Choice Credit Union make pretty much any of these cars yours…

Ford Fiesta


This car is zippy, compact and reliable as hell. It’s cheap to repair in Australia if anything happens and costs only around $14,000 for a newbie!

Hyundai i20


The Hyundai i20 has a bit more personality than Korean models before it, offers the next generation of cool and aesthetically streamlined looks and is available everywhere in Australia.

Mazda 2


Mazda is one name in cars in Australia that is reliable. They’re cheap to buy, cheap to maintain, reliable to bet-on and have an easy aesthetic that are as stylish as they are functional. The Mazda 2 is the smaller of the most practical version and for $15,000 and up, you can score one.

Toyota Yaris 


The Yaris is the elder statesman of this group. It’s comfortable, practical, small and easy-to-manoeuvre. These typically come-in at around $17,900 and up for a quality buy.

Volkswagen Polo


Premium. Volkswagen is German, quality, luxurious auto-design in a compact form. From around $16,000, these city cars scream style with a “I take nothing less than perfect” affirmation.

And remember, if any of these seem out of reach, there is help out there! Forget a straight-up bank and try something along the lines of People’s Choice Credit Union . People’s Choice are member owned, which means everything is designed to benefit their members. For help to get you that one step closer to achieving your car goals, check out People’s Choice Credit Union’s range of  personal loans...  They also have a personal loan calculator that will help you work through possible car loan repayments and the affordability.






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